• 18 Feb 2022

Nicotiana Benthamiana r-(s-Solitary Bee Oligopeptide-1 Pentapeptide-75 s-Propionibacterium Phage P9.1 Polypeptide-1) is a single chain recombinant peptide produced by Nicotiana benthamiana after transformation with either a transient expression system or transgenesis (stable insertion of a copy of the synthetic gene into its DNA). The starting gene is synthesized by the fusion of the genes from s-Solitary Bee Oligopeptide-1, Pentapeptide-75, and s-Propionibacterium Phage P9.1 Polypeptide-1. The fusion peptide contains 317 amino acids which may contain disulfide bonds and/or glycosylation, and consists of the proper sequence of the 20 standard amino acids